Niko! We wish that he had a better name story, but it was the only name that we could agree on for him. We wanted a name that was short and sweet like him. Weeks before he came home, I had multiple names in a list on my phone, and he was still nameless for the first 3 days.

Niko is 8 months! His birthday is October 26, 2019.


We have had Niko since he was 12 weeks old. 

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After our beloved Levi passed away suddenly at the age of 2, we were heartbroken and knew we had more love to give to a pup. I had always wanted a frenchie. Our neighbors had gotten a frenchie from Beautibuls French Bulldogs in Barton, NY, so we contacted them for more information. It turns out that they had a puppy that they did not advertise and were waiting for the right person to talk about. We always say Niko was handpicked for us by our Levi.


Don’t let his grumpy face fool you, Niko is one happy boy. He is a total lover, and is happiest with snuggling humans and pups alike. He is very food motivated, and will do anything for a treat. Niko rarely barks, but he does scream like a dinosaur if he wants something, especially when he sees people playing cornhole. He loves the bean bags.


Nicknames: Niko has a ton of silly nicknames! Nikoshark (after baby shark doo doo), Baby Dino (due to his noises), Neeks and Bubba. 


Favorite Toy: He has this squeaky cow that my grandma got him as a welcome home present. We have had to replace Mr. Cow twice already.

Favorite Treat: Niko has not met a treat that he doesn’t like, but he really loves the frenchie pumpkin treats from the Barkery. And we love how they support the shelter. 


Dislikes: He hates the vacuum, mop, swifter...basically anything used to clean.

Likes: He loves playing with friends and going to the dog park. I think he actually enjoys being a model and posing for 100s of pictures! 

Favorite Activity to do with his Parents: Doing anything with us is his favorite activity. He does especially enjoy snuggling and going any where that is dog friendly. We are lucky that Buffalo is a dog friendly city and there are a lot of dog friendly spots that Niko can accompany us to. 


Favorite Sleep Spot: Niko sleeps in bed and he hogs the bed. Someone please explain how a 19lb Frenchie can take up the whole bed! 


Want to see more of Niko’s grumpy face, follow us at niko.the.french on Instagram! 

Drew Williams