Her name is Loretta! She was a rescue from Texas who came with the name. When we had our meet and greet, we just knew that Loretta was meant to be her name.

Loretta will be a year old this August.

We’ve had Loretta since December 2018.

We adopted Loretta from Buddys Second Chance Rescue.


Loretta really loves to get halfway off the couch with her back legs and butt still on it. She will stay like that forever! She loves to walk on her hind legs and her version of sit pretty is to sit all the way back on her hind legs and stretch her whole body as tall as it goes. She loves to play hide and seek and lay with her back legs flat out, toy in mouth, and use her front feet to drag herself all across the living room on her belly.


Although she's tiny, Loretta is INCREDIBLY agile! She has a very impressive 4 foot vertical leap. She is very fast and loves to get all of her daycare friends chasing her (they never catch her though!)

She is so very smart. She knows sit, lay down, paw and other paw, how to wait for treats even if they're on the ground, roll over, play dead, high five and we're working on crawl. She can't wait to start taking agility and tricks classes.


Nicknames: Etta and etta girl

Favorite Toy: She has a very tiny squeaky squirrel toy that came with her from her foster. The only time she ever howls is when she plays with that toy!


Favorite Treat: Loretta has yet to have food that she doesn't enjoy! But cheese and blueberries are her most favorite!

Likes: Loretta LOVES people, other dogs and her cat siblings. She loves walks and going to work with her mom at doggy daycare. She loves to accompany mom to the bathroom (actually, she thinks mom should never be alone. You know, just in case.) She loves food, perhaps even more than anything listed above!


She loves to hang out with her Aunt Nancy and her great grandfather when mom and dad need a babysitter! She loves to keep great grandpa company and although he's never been a dog person, she has really won him over!

Loretta loves to go new places but unfortunately does not love the car. She gets spooked pretty easily by loud noises and sudden movements but with lots of positive reinforcement, is always quick to make a comeback!


Favorite Activity to do with her Parents: Loretta loves to be with her people at all times. But I think her favorite activities are going to work with mom and bird watching!

Favorite Sleep Spot: She loves to take up approximately 3/4ths of our bed every night!


Loretta has the biggest personality for such a tiny girl. She brings joy to everyone she meets, especially us. We are thankful for her everyday!

Drew Williams