Winston! We thought it suited his jowly face.

Winston is about 2 years old.

We adopted Winston in March 2019.


We adopted Winston from the Niagara County SPCA, which is where his brother from another mother was adopted from. Winston was found on the street as a sick, underweight stray and was nursed back to health at the shelter.


Winston is extremely snuggly and wants to be close to you so he can gaze lovingly into your eyes. He is very tolerant of his giant Great Dane brother and usually wins their tug of war matches. Winston loves playing fetch and chewing on Kong balls, and is currently doing great in doggy school (he wants to be an agility dog when he grows up)!


Winston's nickname is Butterball, as his physique resembles a stuffed Thanksgiving turkey.

Favorite Toy: Winston loves fetching balls and violently disassembling cardboard boxes! He also enjoys wrestling matches with his brother.


Favorite Treat : Winston loves treats of all kinds, but he will do absolutely anything for a honey wheat pretzel.

Winston is not fond of his cats as they make scary noises, but he loves hanging with his rabbit brother in the backyard. Winston is afraid of motorcycle helmets, but is fearless among lawn mowers and likes to supervise yard work.


Favorite Activity to do with his Parents: One of Winston’s favorite things to do is attend dog school! He loves learning new things and REALLY loves being told what a good boy he is.


Favorite Sleep Spot: Winston’s favorite place to sleep is directly on his humans. When his humans become smushed, Winston also napping with his stuffed toy friends on his bed.


Winston was just one of many, many wonderful adult dogs awaiting their forever homes at a shelter! Please consider adoption the next time you’re thinking of expanding your family!

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Drew Williams