Matilda May Kozminski

My dad really wanted to name me Matilda, but my Mom wouldn’t allow it, so when we wanted to get a puppy, the only way he would be on board with it was if we named her Matilda. Her middle name is May because that’s the month she was born in.


How old is your pet?: Matilda is 8! Her birthday is 5/7/2010

We got Matilda when she was 8 weeks old.

Matilda came from a breeder in Pennsylvania.


Matilda is a very sassy little lady. When she doesn’t get her way or if she’s forced to do something she doesn’t want to do, she sighs and mopes around. Matilda hates when her paws get touched, and will only allow me to put anything on them (like her booties in the winter). When we say anything that starts with “wanna go for a...” her head tilts to the side and she prances around the house all excited until we take her for a ride, even if it’s just around the block. For some reason, she has the same response to “Barack Obama” which always makes us laugh. She also refuses to sit anywhere except for the front seat of the car, so if there is a human passenger, tough luck, back seat for them. When she lays down, Matilda’s paws are always crossed like a lady and she does everything in her power to ignore her sister, Roxanne, and pretends she isn’t there most of the time.


Nicknames: Matti, Matti Moo, Tilly, Till Bill, Tilds, Poojka (we are positive I made this word up, but for some reason it stuck), Poopa Doopa, Poopa Doopa Koopa Troopa

Favorite Toy: Stuffed possum or any kind of ball! (Soccer balls and street hockey balls are her favorite... she likes to play goalie when I play roller hockey!!)


Favorite Treat: Bologna!!!! Or carrots? And of course the Buffalo Barkery pumpkin treats!!

Likes: Hikes, Camping, Fishing (she likes to sniff the fish), Car Rides, Squirrels!! Also, Netflix. She’s a hardcore Parks & Rec fan


Dislikes: Being told “no”, not being able to sleep on the bed because her sister, Roxy gets there first, sharing with Roxy, and just Roxy in general.


Favorite Activity to do with her Family: Hike! Or go camping. Matilda loves going to Allegany State Park and she loves creek walking and only goes in the water at the beach to make Mom happy.


Favorite Sleep Spot: In the bed, across the pillow next to mine. She usually gets up in the middle of the night because she gets aggravated if the bed moves at all.

Matilda knows a bunch of cool tricks! Like how to crawl and play dead and dance!

Drew Williams