Roxanne Kozminski


She was named after our dad’s favorite song by The Police!

Roxy is 3! Her birthday is 7/31/2015

We’ve had Roxy since she was 8 weeks old!


We got Roxy from a breeder in Illinois

Roxanne is the most anxious dog ever. She can’t stand to be apart from us for a single moment and likes to bark even if nothing is there! Roxy is bad at making eye contact, but is unbelievably good at giving us her paw! She will sit for as long as you want if there are treats involved, especially at the Barkery!! She’s a great cuddle buddy, but takes up more of the bed than needed! When we walk, she takes the leash in her mouth and wants to walk herself. Also, Roxy has human-like eyes that are almost impossible to say no to!


Nicknames: Roxy, Roxy Roo, Foxy Roxy, Box of Rox

Favorite Toy: A pink triceratops stuffed animal and hard lacrosse balls

Favorite Treats: Pumpkin Barkery treats and whipped cream!!!


Likes: Walks in the woods, hogging the bed, pushing her sister Matilda out of the way, attention, giving us her paw for no reason, climbing into the front seat while the car is in motion


Dislikes: Being away from us, baby gates, coming inside when asked, people walking in front of our house


Favorite Activity to do with her Family: Going to Canalside!!! She loves smelling all of the good smells and seeing people and dogs to play with!!! She loves it even more when she gets to see her buddy, Ali!


Favorite Sleep Spot: Roxy sleeps right up against my leg in my bed and when Matilda moves to the floor, she steals her spot.

When we got Roxy as a puppy, she was all black with cute little white toes!!! Then she shedded her puppy fur and turned grey and white, so people always thinks she’s an old lady!

Drew Williams