Our dog's name is Izzy. She had that name when we adopted her.

Izzy is 10 years old.


We've had Izzy for 4 years.

We adopted her from an animal control shelter in Maryland.

Izzy is a chow, so she's aloof and lazy acting. But she's the most loyal pup in the world!


Nicknames: Her full name is Isabella, but we call her Izzy and Bear. She's also known as the Secretary of the U.S. Department of Fluff.


Favorite Toy: She has a treat puzzle that we love to play with. She's not too into toys, but loves anything with a puzzle where a treat might be hiding.


Favorite Treat: Any and all jerkys!

Favorite hobbies include modeling for Instagram photos, sleeping, eating, and barking at squirrels.


Favorite Activity to do with Her Parents: Izzy loves to go for walks at her favorite dog park! Izzy is also a huge fan of playing "treat hockey", a game we made up that involves passing a treat back and forth for her to steal. Spoiler alert: Izzy ALWAYS wins the treat.


Favorite Sleep Spot: She sleeps on floor near us. She refuses to use her bed.


After adopting Izzy, her mom started a 501c3 organization called We the Dogs DC, which she formed with five other women in the DC area who met through their dogs’ Instagram accounts. They discovered that they all shared a passion for rescue animals, and formed We the Dogs DC so that they could work with the community to raise money for local animal rescue organizations. In addition to its fundraising efforts, We the Dogs DC maintains a community Instagram account (@wethedogsdc). Every day, a new person and their dog is selected to take over the account and share photos of their day in the DC area. It's a great way to raise awareness for the pups that need it most!

Follow Izzy on Instagram @izzy_the_chow

Drew Williams