Bruce! We knew for many years that someday we would have a dog named Bruce. We didn’t know who he would end up being, but we knew we’d know him when we saw him!

Bruce turned two on the 4th of July.


We began fostering Bruce when he was 5 weeks old when he had to be weaned early due to his mom’s severe illness. We officially adopted him once he was old enough.


Bruce was adopted from the Niagara County SPCA.

What are some of your pet’s personality traits or quirks?: Bruce is very dramatic and has all sorts of strange noises that he makes to let us know what kind of mood he’s in. He’s extremely gentle and loves to hang out in the yard with his rabbit brother, Max. Bruce doesn’t understand how big he is and frequently tries to sit on peoples’ laps or fit into small spaces.


Nicknames: Bubba, Monkey

Favorite Toy: Bruce loves his Jolly Ball and his 5-foot long stuffed snake.


Favorite Treat: Bruce loves peanut butter and chicken wing treats from the Barkery!


Likes: Bruce loves hugs, snuggling up with a good toy, trying to sit on people’s laps, and playing tag. He is not a fan of recycling bins or people who don’t share their snacks with him.

Favorite Activity to do with his Parents: Bruce loves to go for walks in the woods, especially if it involves a car ride to get there.


Favorite Sleep Spot: Bruce’s favorite place to sleep is on the couch, resting his giant head and paws on us.


Bruce and his people are huge fans of the Barkery and, of course, the beautiful Ms. Opal! 😊 We are glad to know you and are grateful to have a store like yours here in WNY that not only carries great quality items, but also does so much for the community, too. Thank you!

Drew Williams