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After hours of contemplating what we should name this awkward looking ball of puppy floof, we decided on Checkers, the first game his Dad and I ever played together.


Checkers is almost 15 months old. His Barkday is 2/26/17.

We didn’t stumble upon Checkers until months after he was born, his ‘Gotcha Day’ is May 12, 2017, just about one year ago!


We ended up finding Checkers by twist of fate. He was a ‘whoopsie puppy’ from retired breeders, though we were actively seeking a Rescue. His Dad and I had been visiting shelters in hopes of finding a small breed pup, but had also posted on social media about what we were looking for, any dog that needed a good home really, we weren’t picky. We wanted a companion, and a dog to share our home and free time with. Well, we were contacted by his breeder, who had previously re-homed him already once. Checkers had been acquired by a couple as a Valentine's Day gift, the couple split, and he was abruptly returned. His breeder was moving, could not have any more pups, and Checkers was being taken to the shelter if we did not take him. Needless to say, he didn’t make it to the shelter. We actually had never HEARD of a Bearded Collie prior to Checkers and now couldn’t imagine our lives without one. (We actually have plans to get Checkers a Bearded Wife sometime in 2019!)


For his age, Checkers is incredibly laid back. He spends a good portion of his day napping and the rest sitting directly underneath your feet at the most inconvenient times. Checkers adores children and has grown up alongside our 2 year old niece, if he could see and play with her daily, he’d be in his glory. Checkers thinks he’s much sneakier than he is. Watching him “escape” time out or hijack a treat he wasn’t entitled to are some of his best moments. Reprimanding him is the absolute worst because seeing him sad is so uncharacteristic, plus who wants to yell at a stuffed animal?!


Nicknames: Check-A-Poo, Checkie, Checkrón

Favorite Toy: He’s quite fond of the collection of Squirrels from BarkBox, and any ball he can get his paws on.


Favorite Treat: Buffalo Barkery Pumpkin Flavored Treats and Pickles (Which ironically is his Mother’s name!)

Likes: Checkers loves nap time, his massive collection of stuffies, puddle jumping, and testing his Mom’s patience during photo time.


Dislikes: Checkers is not a fan of the blow dryer, the 3rd hour of daily brushing, or when both of his pawrents leave simultaneously.

Favorite Activity to do with his Parents: Checkers loves going to Isleview Park with us, and any time he gets with our niece, they’re like two peas in a pod. Checkers is also a big fan of car rides now that he doesn’t get car sick anymore and is allowed to sit in the back seat, instead of the trunk of our Jeep. He loves the way his beard blows in the wind!


Favorite Sleep Spot: Anywhere that looks extremely uncomfortable but that keeps his floof cool. The stone kitchen floor, against the wall, the hardwood floors, but definitely NOT either of his pricey beds.

Anything else you would like to share? Checkers is in training to become a Therapy Dog, as stating that he has been therapy for his pawrents, is an understatement. Both Checkers Mom and Dad have fought a long hard road with alcoholism/substance abuse and are not ashamed to talk about how Checkers has been a monumental part of their new lives living happy and healthy in recovery. Since owning Checkers, finding sober and enriching activities to partake in with him comes easy. Checkers' Mom aims to involve him in visitations at rehabilitation and recovery centers, as she knows first hand how uplifting and motivating it is to have the ability to visit with dogs when in places that are often depressing and anxiety ridden. Checkers' demeanor and the simple softness and comfort of his floof are things she hopes to share with those struggling in a variety of ways as she knows the healing power of dogs is like no other. His pawrents would like to sincerely thank the Buffalo Barkery for providing a safe space to discuss the intimate details of our relationship with Checkers, because as we can all agree, our dogs are never simply pets.

Drew Williams