Rosie is named after Rosie the riveter because she is such a strong girl.

Rosie just turned 1 year old March 31st.

We've had Rosie since last May (she started off as our foster puppy but we couldn’t let her go).


We adopted her from Buffalo CARES Animal Rescue.

Rosie was born in a puppy mill completely blind. Last July she underwent surgery to have both eyes removed. She is such a trooper - truly loves life and people despite her hardships.


Nicknames: Ro Ro!

Favorite Toy:  A cycle dog sting ray toy

Favorite Treat : Beef shank

Likes: She loves belly rubs, her brother Rafi, walks, toys, treats, sleeping on cool surfaces.

Dislikes: She doesn’t like being touched on the face, scary noises, being left alone, and certain treats.


Favorite Activity to do with her Parents: Going anywhere with us - she loves trying new things and being active.

Sleep Spot: She’ll start on the bed to get some snugs and eventually move to the cool floor.

Despite being born in a puppy mill and losing both of her eyes she is so brave and happy. It’s amazing to watch her in new places and figuring life out ... she has long hair and most people don’t recognize that she’s blind until they get up close because she does not act like she’s blind in the slightest. We love her so much. She is a miracle!

Drew Williams