Colby is 2.

How long have you had your pet? 2 years

Where did you get your pet? Breeder

What are some of your pet’s personality traits or quirks? She’s very sweet, gentle when taking snacks, she always has to bring you a toy or sock when you come home.


Nicknames: Colb, Colby jack

 Favorite Toy: All toys, flamingo is a current favorite

Favorite Treat: Anything meat flavored

 Likes: Socks, schmackos, fetch, visiting the dog park, bandanas 


Dislikes: Plow Trucks, Veggies, the Vacuum

Favorite Activity to do with her Parents: Fetch in the yard, or playing at the dog park with her furriends

Favorite Sleep Spot: On the bed or right beside the bed near her people

Drew Williams