A volunteer at the shelter named Rosie. She was listed as Kelsey, but the volunteer didn't think that was a good fit and called her Rosie the entire time. We didn't have heart to change it and I'm glad we didn't. It really does fit her!


Rosie is two!

Rosie's Gotcha Day is April 28, 2015. She was only 4 months old when we adopted her.


Rosie is from the City of Buffalo Animal Shelter. The backstory is, we just lost my childhood dog who lived to be 19 years old. It didn't take long to realize coming home to an empty house just felt wrong. We knew we wanted to rescue a dog and since we live in the city of Buffalo, we submitted an application to get approved. When I saw Rosie posted on Facebook, I immediately sent her to my husband. She looked so sad and I knew we could give her the love and home that she deserved. I never thought that after owning a Shih-Tzu my entire life that we would adopt a pit bull, but she was meant to be ours.

She is a complete Velcro dog and loves to be next to us at all times. Overall, Rosie is a very goofy, vocal, STUBBORN, and animated dog.


Nicknames: Ha! For some reason every pet I've had ends up with multiple nicknames. Rosie's are: Rollie, Rolo, Ro, Rosie Pineapple (Pineapple is her middle name), Rosie P, baby girl.


Favorite toy?: Her braided rope that she can swing around (you'll often see her on her Instagram story doing this) or if we let her have a tennis ball she will pick all the "hair" off of it and then shred the entire tennis ball.


Favorite Treat: Bully Sticks, Pumpkin treats from Buffalo Barkery, and any kind of jerky treat.

Dislikes: Rain. Rosie refuses to walk on the grass when it's wet. She also hates vegetables and noodles. 


Likes: Hanging out on the porch in the summer, Doggie Daycare at Dog Days of Buffalo, long walks with her Dad, absolutely obsessed with snow.


Favorite Activity to do with Her Parents: Rosie loves going for walks with her Dad. He spends every lunch break he has with her and makes sure she gets the exercise she needs.


Favorite Sleep Spot: Rosie loves to take up the entire bed at night. Other than that she is usually on the couch just hanging out.


If anyone is ever hesitant adopting a dog, don't be! Rosie is not perfect and we have to work hard through some of the issues that she has, but every second we spend with Rosie is the absolute best. We can't imagine life without our goofball.

Drew Williams