Bailey & Skye


Bailey Heim and Skye Heim! Their dad Jonah actually picked both names because I couldn’t decide! Bailey is our golden who just looked like a Bailey the first day we saw her and we picked Skye for our Aussie because of the blue specks in her eyes!

Bailey will be 2 in June and Skye is just over 10 months. We will be celebrating both girls' birthdays middle of June!


We have had Bailey since August of 2016 and Skye since August of 2017.


Both girls came from breeders in the Buffalo area. However, their dad Jonah didn’t meet either in person until after they came home because he was away for his minor league baseball season!

Bailey is a giant love bug. She has the biggest smile and best personality. She is a snuggler, but mostly on her terms. She loves to play with her sister or doggy friends but also just likes to sit and watch what else is going on. Every time I come in the door she either grabs my keys or my gloves and carries them in for me. By far, her favorite thing to do is go swimming! Can’t get her out of the water. Skye is our big ball of energy. She will play fetch nonstop for hours, and loves playing keep away from her sister. She loves belly rubs and will give you kisses all the time, even when you don’t want them. She does not know personal space and wiggles her butt all the time because she is so happy! Both have gotten along since day one.


Nicknames: Bailey: Bae Bae, Bails, Bug-a-boo, “the good one” of just B. Skye: Skye-Skye, Judy, energizer bunny, S

Favorite Toy: Bailey: her bear that she sleeps with most nights (same one she had as a puppy) or her purple dinosaur. Skye: any tennis ball!


Favorite Treat: Bones from Grandma!! It’s always a special treat when Grandma comes over and both girls know where she hides them in her bag!

Bailey Likes: swimming, car rides, peanut butter, laying out in the sun, hiking/exploring and meeting new people. Dislikes: the vacuum cleaner, when daddy leaves for the summer for baseball, and inanimate objects that weren’t there before (such as toys that kids leave outside that she thinks are going to get her). 

Skye Likes: fetch, belly rubs, trips to the dog park, learning new tricks.

Dislikes: baths, vacuum cleaner, when mommy leaves for work, and nail trims!


Favorite Activity to do with their Parents: Both girls love going on walks and running around in open fields. They both run errands with me and their favorite is going to Rite Aid to pick up mommy’s prescriptions because the pharmacist gives us biscuits. We play in the snow all winter and run around in the sun all summer. Bailey loved going to Bark in the Park for baseball last year and can’t wait to show her sister how fun it is! And both love snuggling up with their mommy!



Favorite Sleep Spot: In bed next to their mommy at night! During the day, Bailey will find a sunny spot in the house and Skye will sleep in “her corner” of the kitchen for some odd reason.

Both girls have the best personality and get along with all dogs! I think they have more doggy friends than I do people friends! We love adventures and exploring Buffalo and beyond!

Drew Williams