My grandfather named her. Not too sure how she got the name, but more than likely because she was his best friend. They did everything together.

Pal is 12-ish. Because he rescued her, he could only guess her age. You wouldn't know she's 12 though, because she acts like a puppy but her body tells her otherwise.

We've had pal for 1 year.


Pal has a pretty unique story. My grandfather found her at a rescue while he was living in Las Vegas. Unfortunately, she had been abused. He took a chance on a dog who hated people. For the 1st month he had her, she was living in his garage because she didn't trust people. Little by little, he gained her trust. Once trust was gained with him, she started to become more friendly towards other people. I believe he got her when she was a year or 2 old. She was living the life in Vegas with him, and he would take her for car rides which also meant going to get In n Out Burger. When my grandfather was diagnosed with lung cancer he decided he would live between Vegas and Buffalo. He was coming here to Roswell for treatments. For a few months she was by herself. My grandfather's friends would take care of her, but she was lonely. He would watch her on the security cameras, and she was very sad. He ended up getting someone to drive her all the way to Buffalo so she could live here. Those car rides I was talking about, well Pal had her own car. My grandfather loved having guests stay at his home, so instead of them having to sit in a car with dog hair, he bought Pal her own car. So Pal made her cross country trip from Vegas to Buffalo in her own car. Spoiled, I know. When my grandfather passed he made my cousin promise Pal would be taken care of. My cousin has 2 dogs of his own, and my Dad knew we were looking to get a dog. We actually had a home visit with a puppy lined up when he text me about Pal. My husband and I had our worries because she was older, and I had never met her before. The only time I did, my grandfather warned me she didn't like people. I was scared because I have 2 young children. We decided we would try it out and see how the 3 of them did together. Well, a visit ended up being a drop off. A drop off ended up being a forever home. Bless my husband because I told him, "Hey, my grandfather's dog is coming here in 2 days." He SOMETIMES goes along with my crazy ideas. Ever since March 2017 our lives and hers have become even better. She loves my children like her own, and even though I changed her diet to no In n Out Burger, it's safe to say she loves it here. Pal is proof that some dogs can be rehabilitated to be amazing pets. She loves everyone she meets. She is my third baby.


Likes: She loves to steal food from my toddler. Chasing rabbits. Laying in the sun. Barking to our neighbors so they come out and bring her treats. Going for car rides.

Nicknames : Pally girl. Mama dog.

Favorite toy: She likes her monkey and any type of ball.

Favorite treat : She loves the Barkery's chicken wing and pumpkin treats, peanut butter, dog ice cream. She loves to steal waffles from my son.


Dislikes: Carrots

Favorite Activity to do with her Parents: Car rides. She could sit in the car all day if I let her.

Sleep spot: On her comfy orthopedic bed. She also "sneaks" onto our loveseat. I tell my husband to let her do what she wants because she's old haha.


I love being a GSD Mom! Pal helped us at a time when we needed it most ❤

Drew Williams