Sasha Dobeesha Russ. Sasha is kind of for Sasquatch because she has the biggest paws in the world!! Dobeesha was her name at the shelter.

Sasha's birthday is May 9th.

I have had Sasha for 6 months.


Sasha is a foster fail from the City of Buffalo Animal Shelter.

Sasha is a goof ball who is very smart and needs to be consistently challenged.

Nicknames: SasheeGirl, Beeshee, Beesha, Beesh-Beesh


Favorite Toy: Any plastic bottle or cardboard box!!

Favorite Treat: Buffalo Barkery pumpkin treats

Dislikes: Sasha hates being told No. She gets very frustrated. And she doesn't like spinach.


Favorite Activity to do with her Mom: Go for walks and to playdates.

Favorite Sleep Spot: Anywhere, but mostly in bed with her Mom.

Drew Williams