Cannoli or Cannoli the Brave. A friend mentioned "he sort of looks like a Cannoli" and the name stuck.

Cannoli is turning 14 this month!!

More info on his birthday party  here

More info on his birthday party here

I adopted Cannoli from the SPCA on April 2, 2016.

He is very inquisitive and always friendly with dogs, cats and other animals. But, however, sometimes he gets startled by humans. He loves to "make his bed" and plop when it is bedtime. He loves to go for car rides and wagon rides.

Nicknames: Coo Coo, Goo Goo and Poo Poo. But mostly Coo Coo

Favorite Toy: He likes the treat ball. He has to roll it around and sometimes it dispenses a treat. And he loves to play soccer with a soccer ball.

Favorite Treats: Roasted sweet potatoes and salmon

Likes: Sleeping. Napping.

Dislikes: Being pulled on the leash when he is sniffing or his butt being touched when he is sleeping.

Favorite activity to do with his Dad: Sleep and getting coffee at cafes

Favorite Sleep Spot: Next to me, always

Cannoli is having a big birthday celebration on May 12.  Click here for details!

Drew Williams