Krieger is named after her Moms' all time favorite female professional soccer player, Ali Krieger who plays on the US Women's National team. Her Moms played soccer at high levels and it is their favorite sport. Krieger loves to watch soccer and wear her Krieger jersey. 

Krieger was adopted from the City of Buffalo Animal Shelter on April 17, 2015 and is approximately 3 years old.

Krieger is a very sensitive and intuitive girl. A lot of her actions are based off of fear. She is a very scared and nervous dog who is afraid of rain, wind and anything loud. She will do anything for food and absolutely loves to please her humans. She knows when she makes them happy and becomes even more excited when she sees this. She knows when something is wrong and when it is time to be watchful and protective. She is the most observant, smart, sensitive and sweet soul her Moms have come to know. 

Nicknames: Kriegs, Krinkles, Mama, Mama Bear

Favorite Toys: Tennis balls and a tug-of-war rope with a soccer ball at the end.

Favorite Treats: ALL food!! Particularly Buffalo Barkery pumpkin treats, vegan banana bread from Lexington Co-Op and Timbits

Likes: food, eating, doing any training activity that rewards her with food, swimming, walking off leash, going to Grandma's house, car rides, playing with her siblings (James & Ali) & chasing balls at the tennis courts


Dislikes: loud noises, rain, wind, being on a diet, not being pet or paid attention to by every single person she sees out on a walk

Favorite Activity to do with her Parents: swimming at the beach or in Grandma's pool, retrieving sticks in the lake, jumping off the deck into the pool and swimming with the kids

Sleep Spot: Towards the end of the bed in between her Mom's legs and closer to her feet. She likes to be completely covered by blankets as it makes her feel safe and protected.

Drew Williams