Duke is named for Duke University. Nick (Duke’s Dad) is a huge fan of Duke University basketball...they even watch the games together!

Duke is 15 months old — how long is an acceptable length to keep giving your pet’s age is months rather than years? Now I know how new parents feel!

We got Duke when he was 7 weeks old


We rescued Duke from a Massachusetts based rescue that, at the time, had a WNY chapter. I reached out to someone I knew with the rescue in January to ask her that she keep her eye out for a Doberman puppy, so that I could surprise Nick for his birthday in July. Figuring Dobermans are rarely in rescue, especially puppies, I figured she would need at least 6 months to find something. She responded pretty quickly and let me know that they were picking Duke up that same night — he was dropped in a local bar at 4 or 5 weeks old with no sign of his mom or siblings. The bartender took him home but then realized she wouldn’t be able to care for him and got ahold of the rescue who took him in.

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Duke is a Velcro dog to the max! He always has be by us, and will paw us if we aren’t paying enough attention to him (spoiled boy). He loves to destroy any and every toy (even the indestructible ones). Himilayan salt chews are the one thing that can last and keep Duke busy for days. He will toss them around like he is playing catch (with himself) and bark and growl at them, until he finally settles down and just chews them.

Nicknames: Dukey, Monster, Monkey (not sure where this one came from or how it started)

Favorite Toy: His JW invincible rings (highly recommended for tug-lovers and strong chewers)

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Favorite Treat: Anything and everything!

Likes: chasing bunnies in the yard, Ellicott Creek Bark Park, treats, going for walks, going to daycare, being chased, tug-of-war, squeak toys

Dislikes: when it’s time to put balm on his paw pads, vet visits, anything that seems strange (for example, Christmas decorations on the front lawn, or the Easter bunny)

Favorite Activity to do with his Parents: Go to the dog park!

Sleep Spot: Duke sleeps in his crate — I’m sure he would love to sleep with us every night but he just takes up too much room! He doesn’t mind his crate at all.. it’s pretty cozy in there.

 Duke is such a lover, and a playful puppy, with a funny personality!

Drew Williams