James Joseph Cameron Martell 

James was named after my father James Joseph Martell and my nephew Cameron James Matilone. My Dad was always my hero growing up and still is till this day! The best father a girl could ask for!

Dad & Cameron

Dad & Cameron


James is 2 years old. His birthday is 9/11/15

We have had James since he was a baby and got him from a breeder in North Tonawanda.


James can be a little grumpy, stubborn grandpa but ohhh soo charming! James probably believes he is a human! He loves attention...from humans! He loves to play with his 2 sisters Ali and Krieger on his time and his rules (and they of course follow his rules!!!) He likes to police and herd his sisters to keep them in order! He loves to bark at absolutely nothing, just to get his sisters' attention! He's notorious for barking at other dogs on walks and then hiding behind his sisters! He’s obsessed with his Mom and likes to be near/touching her at all times! He snorts, farts, burps and loves to give kisses. He loves attention, being pampered and doggy spa days! When he goes to doggy daycare at Animal Outfitters, he plays with the humans (only) and then tends to guard the humans from all other dogs! He mostly goes to daycare to hang with his human friends and get special spa days!

Nicknames: Hames (French pronunciation), Hames Rodriguez (soccer player), Bug, Buggers, Love, Lover, Sir, Mister, Grandpa

 Favorite Toys: James loves Benebones, Chuckit! Breathe balls and West Paw toys from Buffalo Barkery to play tug-o-war with his sisters 


Favorite Treats: James has a sensitive tummy, allergies and digestive issues...this is how we found the Barkery!  The Buffalo Barkery Pumpkin treats are his ultimate favorite and the only treats he can eat without any issues ! :) 

Likes: James loves humans, attention, chewing Benebones and his sisters!! Once upon a time James was an only child, and then his sisters came along (2 pitbulls that were adopted from the City of Buffalo Animal Shelter). After some time, James fell in love with them both. Krieger is like a mother to James and was patient and taught him through his puppy stage. His other sister, Ali, was able to learn from him how to play at his level. Both girls are gentle and loving to him. He is now obsessed with them both!! 

Dislikes: James dislikes when I tell him NO humping my leg

Favorite Activity to do with his Parents: Humping my leg! 😆Anything with his family and sisters! He loves to go on walks and hikes...ONLY if the temperature is just right. Not too hot, not too cold.

Sleep Spot: In the bed curled up against his mom, always touching her! 

Drew Williams