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 Ali got her name from the one and only U.S. women’s soccer player, Ali Krieger. The same Ali Krieger that her sister Krieger is named after.

Ali is assumed to be approximately 3 years old.

 Ali was adopted in December of 2016.

 Ali was adopted from the City of Buffalo Animal Shelter. Her Mom found her outside of work on the East Side of Buffalo, running through traffic. She whistled and Ali immediately came running right up to her, jumped on her, and began hugging her and would not let go. She opened her car door and Ali did not hesitate for a second and jumped right in the car as if she knew she was going to her new home.  We couldn’t keep Ali immediately so we had to take her to the shelter. After no one claimed her, being sick with kennel cough and failing her initial evaluation, we fought and did not give up and finally we were able to adopt her.  Even at the shelter she was always smiling!

From the gross cages at the living the high life on a boat with her family and the wind blowing through her ears!

Ali is the definition of carefree and happy-go-lucky type of dog and most importantly a complete goofball. She has completely embraced being off of the streets and loves having a forever home that will not abandon her. She is such a happy dog and is constantly smiling.  She is the nosiest dog I have ever met and has to know what is going on at every second of the day.  Ali does not waste a second of her second chance at life and is constantly on the go wanting to either play or sit outside and watch everyone and everything. Ali loves all animals and tries to play with anything that moves. Ali is ready to go anywhere and do anything at any given time, except go out to the bathroom when its windy or raining.

 Nicknames: Al cat, cat, Ali-cat, Alfie

Favorite Toy: Ali loves anything that can be played tug-of-war with. She loves her West Paw toys from Buffalo Barkery and the stuffed fish we got her for Christmas.

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Favorite Treat: Ali eats anything you give her, we have yet to give her something that she has not scarfed down.  Her favorite treats are Buffalo Barkery Pumpkin treats, ice cream and French fries at Canalside and popcorn.

Dislikes: Ali dislikes being told NO, not being able to play and wrestle at full speed with her sister and brother, not getting attention, only going for short walks and not being able to walk down by the water, having to go out to the bathroom when its raining, snowing or windy.

Likes: Going for long walks down to Erie Basin Marina, in the summer time going to Canalside and sitting at the wine tent and eating French fries and people watching, meeting every dog, cat, person and animal that moves. Ali LOVES LOVES going fishing! That might be her all time favorite activity. Ali loves day care and playing rough with every dog she encounters. Ali LOVES laying on her heating pad and laying on freshly dried hot laundry. She loves sitting outside on warm days watching everything that is going on in the apartment complex. Ali LOVES going to Deep South Taco and other pet friendly restaurants and eating dinner with us. And last but not least, Ali loves greeting everyone with a hug and that beautiful smile!

Favorite Activity to do with her Parents: fishing and going for French fries and wine at Canalside everyday in the summer

Sleep Spot: Ali sleeps right next to me either curled up or sprawled out and cuddling each other.


Ali is truly the definition of second chances and has taught us and should teach everyone why one should not give up on a dog. Ali came from one of the worst areas in the city who was used for breading and then kicked to the curb and abandoned. Ali came to us without a proper manner in the world and knew nothing of how to behave and be a dog. She took A LOT of work, yelling, tears and hair pulling but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. She has learned how to be part of a family and will protect her family from anything. She was shown no love and compassion and she is able to turn around and show us nothing but an infinite amount of love. Her zest for life is contagious and no matter how frustrating she can be at times, we can't help but look at her and smile. Her love and goofy personality will always make us laugh.

Drew Williams