Ruby Woo


Ruby Woo was named after the color of MAC lipstick that Robert Smith from The Cure wears.

Ruby Woo is 14 years young.

We’ve had Ruby Woo since she was 4 months old.

Ruby Woo was found at a truck stop in Jacksonville, Florida by a family friend. She was playing with a truck driver when he hopped back into his truck. The family friend approached the truck driver and he said she wasn’t his dog and that he couldn’t take her on the road with him.

Ruby is the ultimate DIVA. She knows what she wants, when she wants it and knows how to get it. She’s a very independent spirit but is also very maternal and loving to both of the little sister dogs that she’s had. Ruby also watches TV, a lot! She prefers Bravo Network and Food Network. 

Nicknames: Woo, Bear, Boo Bear

Ruby had a favorite alien toy when she was a puppy but she pays no attention to toys anymore.

Dislikes: Motorcycles, John Deere Gators (sorry Buffalo Place), watching baseball or golf on TV and certain pharmaceutical commercials

Favorite Treats: Lemon sorbet, raspberry sorbet, green beans, Buffalo Barkery cakes

Likes: Long, long walks, meeting new people, dressing up, getting her picture taken and taking naps

Favorite Activity to do with her Parents: Go for long walks around the city and hang out on dog friendly patios

Sleep Spot: Ruby loves to lay on one of her many, many dog beds

Fun Fact #1: Ruby walks perfectly on a leash but earned herself a harness on one hot day when we lived in Florida. We were at a coffee shop, sitting outside with the girls (Ruby & Olive) and a motorcycle went by. Ruby pulled out of her collar and ran after the motorcycle for about a quarter of a mile before giving up. She turned around and came back to us very proud of herself. Other than blistered paws, she’s lucky she didn’t get hurt. She’s been wearing a harness ever since.

Fun Fact #2: Ruby Woo has a playlist on Spotify. If you'd like to listen to it, click here

Drew Williams