I adopted Beatrice and that was her given name and it fit her perfectly.


Beatrice is 1 and 1/2 years old

I have had Beatrice for 3 months.


I got her from Sadie’s Safe Harbor.


Bea is such a sweet girl. When I first got her she was so shy and timid and would barely walk down the street. Now she loves going on adventures all over the town!

Nicknames: Sweet Bea, Bumble Bea, Bea


Favorite Toy: Her favorite toy is a hedgehog she got from my good friend Marykate’s dog whose name is Donovan when she was finally adopted.


Favorite Treat: Barkworthy’s sweet potato chips!

Dislikes: Bea hates going outside in the rain. She was rescued from North Carolina so I am interested to see how she likes the snow.

Likes: Bea loves chewing her bones and snuggling with her mom!


Favorite Activity to do with her Mom: Going for hikes all over town. We love the Niagara Gorge, Knox Farms, and Hunters Creek to name a few!

Favorite Sleep Spot: In my moms bed of course!


Although Bea has had a rocky first year of her life, she has overcome all of that to become such a great best friend. I rescued her from Sadie’s Safe Harbor. She was at a high kill shelter in North Carolina. They had found her wandering the street with a pretty bad eye infection. The eye was so bad they had to remove it, and while she was in recovery from surgery she had delivered a puppy to everyone’s surprise! She came to Buffalo with her puppy and was fostered by a coworker of mine. When I met her I knew right away she had the gentlest soul and had to adopt her! I can’t imagine my life without her!

Drew Williams