Her name at the shelter was Betsy Lou. I just dropped the Lou when I adopted her.

Betsy is 8 years old. She'll be nine this February.


I’ve had Betsy for 1.5 years.

I adopted Betsy from the Niagara County SPCA.


She always needs to be touching someone. Whether it's leaning against someone's legs while they're standing, or laying alongside someone when they're sitting on furniture. Also, she can't get enough pets. You could be petting her for hours and the second you stop, she'll throw a fit and make a sad face.

Nicknames: BB Bear, Bets, Littlest B. I don't think I ever use her real name.


Favorite Toy: I don't think she ever had toys in her past life. It took her a while to realize it's ok to play with them. She seems to play more with them when she's with my parent's dog. They'll chase each other around or steal them from one another until they're tired and take a nap.


Favorite Treat: Merrick's fresh kisses dental bones. She goes nuts over dental bones. She also loves Trader Joe's salmon jerky for dogs. I put that in her Kong.

Likes: She loves to dress up. She'll put on her coats, bandanas, and sweaters so easily. She also loves car rides. She'll sit in the back seat and look out the window then eventually lay down and fall asleep.


Dislikes: Betsy isn't a fan of cats, bananas, or rain.

Favorite Activity to do with her Mom: Definitely walks. We walk all over the city together. We explore parks and new routes all the time. Betsy can literally walk for hours with me.


Favorite Sleep Spot: On my queen size bed. She has her own pillow and about 90% of the bed. I tuck her in every night and in about 3 minutes she's out cold, snoring.


I'm so glad I found Betsy. We do everything together. She was at the shelter for about 2 years because of her age. More people should open up their hearts to senior dogs. They're the best and always overlooked.


Drew Williams