Nova. I had it down to a list of 3 names and Nova was the one that stuck out the most. I looked up the definition and that really did it for me. It fits her so well.

Nova is 9 months old.


I adopted Nova in February of 2018.


Nova is from the City of Buffalo Animal Shelter.


She is extremely food motivated but her patience starts to wear thin and the longer you make her wait the sadder she looks. So if you want a pic where she doesn’t look sad you have to take it within the first 10 seconds or else you’re getting a sad face.

She sits and waits if she sees someone walking a block away or 4 blocks away. It’s super cute but also makes our walks double the time they should be.

She shakes her butt and spins in circles whenever I get home from work or a 5 minute trip to the store. It never gets old.

She also shakes and wiggles when you clap for her, she loves being told she’s a good girl.

If someone is walking a dog she’s always more interested in greeting the person and acting like the dog isn’t there.

When she’s tired she lays on me and lets me know it’s time for bed.

She’s stubborn if a training session is too long. She just stops and walks away, sometimes leaving treats on the floor.

She’s such a lover. I’ve never heard her growl and she never barks at dogs even when they bark at her.

She loves her BarkBox and gets such satisfaction at how fast she destroys the stuffed animals that come in the box.


Nicknames: Boop, Super Nova, honey bunch...


Favorite Toy: She has a stuffed bunny that is still intact. Every other toy gets destroyed the day she gets it.


Favorite Treat: She loves Nutro Blueberry Yogurt treats and Buddy’s Biscuits.


Likes: walks, rubs, praise, new toys, treats, attention, snow, rolling in dirt, daycare.

Dislikes: collars, bananas, rain.


Favorite Activity to do with her Mom: Definitely walks. I like to take her to new places often, so she’s always excited when we get in the car.


Favorite Sleep Spot: She sleeps in a queen bed with me every night and she takes up 98% of it, leaving me hanging off the edge with half the blankets I started with.

Nova wasn’t in my plans, I was sure I was done with dogs after I put my Yorkie, Simon down in January. He was my first dog and he was the best. The cutest, sweetest, funniest dog ever. I always said if something ever happened to him I’d never get another dog, I swore it. Then it happened and you don’t know that empty feeling until it happens to you. I was down and out and just figured this is life now. My boss noticed how out of it I was and showed me a picture of a puppy from the shelter, to try and brighten my day and it really did. It was probably the first time I smiled since putting Simon down. I wanted her and she asked if I was sure and I said “yes!” That’s how it all began. It’s because of her I’m able to think about Simon and smile and realize how lucky I was to have him, instead of crying all the time. She’s my “who saved who?” dog and I’m so glad she’s mine.

Drew Williams