Champion MacGyver Carmina Szczygiel. We had a tough time coming up with a name but really loved the dog Champion from Parks and Rec and thought it invoked a powerful feeling and name for a dog. So we went with it, and it was perfect!

He will be 3 years old in January

We’ve had Champ since he was 8 weeks old!

We got Champ from this sweet lady named Julia, out in Warsaw.

He loves his babies (stuffed animals) and likes to go get one and parade around the house whenever you or a visitor gets home. He also loves to play chase around the house and will fetch a ball or stick for hours!

Nicknames: Champs, Champers, Dinosaur-man, alligator-man, and little lamb.

Favorite Toy: It’s a tie between a ball (almost any type of ball) and dragon stuffed animal.

Favorite Treat : Peanut butter, and also apples (or maybe ice cubes)

Dislikes: People who walk passed the house and when the cat whines.

Favorite Activity to do with his Parents: Go for a W.A.L.K. And play chase around the house then get to sleep in bed with us.

Favorite Sleep Spot: In bed with us or on the couch

Champ has amazing eyelashes and is a great cuddler!

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Drew Williams