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Elliott. She came to me as a rescue from the City of Buffalo Animal Shelter, and that name definitely fits her personality!!๐Ÿค—

Elliott is 2 years old.


I have had Elliott since the end of July 2018.

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Elliott was adopted from the City of Buffalo Animal Shelter.


When sheโ€™s gets bored, she stretches out on the floor. She has a knack for rolling around in the grass. And she gives high/low 5's on command!

Nicknames: Elle or Baby Girl


Favorite Toy: Rubber squeaky balls or animals.

Favorite Treat: Pumpkin Cookies or soft training treats.

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Dislikes: Not being able to run up and greet other pups. ๐Ÿ˜”


Favorite Activity to do with her Dad: Speed walking, car rides, playing frisbee in the yard, or just being free to run around!

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Favorite Sleep Spot: Foot of the bed or in her personal bed.


Sheโ€™s a very rough and agile player with other dogs. But it's just her puppy age still!

Drew Williams