Vada is her name.

When her dad adopted her he named her after Vada Sultenfuss from the movie My Girl. At the time, she was just his girl.

Vada is 8 years old


We’ve had Vada for 7 years.


Vada was adopted from the Erie County SPCA.

Vada is very cuddly, obsessed with her ball and trying to get people to throw it for her! Clingy, no personal space. She likes to sit behind her dad when he plays video games! Vada shares a chair when she goes to work with Mom. Loves being under blankets and climbing trees!


Nicknames: Vada Pup. Grandma.

Favorite Toy: Any Chuck It Ball!


Favorite Treat: Anything she can get her mitts on. Any dog treats!!


Likes: Chuck it balls, snuggling, swimming, napping, and playing fetch.


Dislikes: A lot of vegetables, the vacuum is her arch nemesis! Cats.

Favorite Activity to do with Her Parents: Go to the park or swimming in the pool!


Favorite Sleep Spot: Under 5 blankets and in bed using the pillow like a human.

Drew Williams