While most of the time he just goes by "Ivan," our dog's full name is Ivan Doggo. His name is a play on the main antagonist from the movie Rocky IV, Ivan Drago. Ironically, neither of us have ever seen the movie but we love a good pun as well as human-sounding pet names so it was a perfect fit!


We're not entirely sure how old Ivan is but based on what we were told by our vet and the shelter, we believe he's about 5 years old.

We adopted Ivan on March 6, 2017 - almost two years ago!


Ivan came to us from the City of Buffalo Animal Shelter where he was brought as a stray. We weren't really looking for a dog but one of our good friends is a CBAS volunteer and sent us his picture - we fell in love almost instantly!

Ivan has quite the personality! When we first adopted him, he was pretty aggressive, especially around food. However, he has made a TON of progress and now (mostly) enjoys attention from people and other dogs. After a doggie DNA test, we found out that Ivan is 50% Pomeranian, 25% Chihuahua, 12.5% Miniature Pinscher, and the rest some kind of hound/terrier mashup. That little breed mix definitely defines a lot of who he is - he loves to cuddle and is very much a lapdog but if you do something he doesn't like, he's not afraid to tell you! He tries really hard to understand English and his favorite words are "dog park, outside, breakfast, dinner, hungry, and treat" (sense a theme here?).


Nicknames: Ivan has so many nicknames! Some of our favorites (yes, they're really weird): Frog, Froggo, Bubba, Bubba Barks, Mr. Bubba Face, Mr. Puppy Dog, Mr. Wooferton, Mr. Snooferton, Snoof, and Snoofalupagus.

Favorite Toy: Toys don't interest Ivan as much as food does but he has a stuffed pig that he loves to carry around and occasionally "kill."


Favorite Treat: We're not sure Ivan has ever met a treat he didn't like. He does seem to particularly enjoy Greenies and little pieces of prosciutto (no, he's not spoiled at all).


Likes: all food - particularly meat; fuzzy toys that he can rip apart; cuddling with Mom & Dad; playing with his cat brother, Snozzberry; swimming; running long distances; agility class


Dislikes: windshield wipers; bicycles; having his nails clipped (or paws touched in general); being alone; people leaving his house without him

Favorite Activity to do with his Parents: Ivan LOVES the dog park, especially the Ellicott Creek Bark Park. When asked if he wants to go to the dog park, he immediately starts jumping and spinning in circles. At the dog park, he really enjoys swimming (so much so that his ears tend to "turn off"), chasing/being chased by other dogs, and sniffing every. single. tree.


Favorite Sleep Spot: During the day, Ivan crates himself and snoozes there, despite having the option to sleep anywhere he wants in the house. At night, Ivan is only happy when sleeping directly between us. If we (his parents) try to cuddle with each other, he will stand on top of us and attempt to burrow between our bodies until he ends up in the middle.


When we adopted Ivan, the first 6 months were really tough - no one could really pet him, walks around the block were hard because he'd react to every living creature, and it was a generally stressful time. We are unbelievably proud of how far he's come in the last 19 months! If you're interested in his shenanigans, we highly recommend following him on Instagram: @theivandoggo. Amazingly enough, he runs the account himself even though he doesn't have thumbs! ;)

Drew Williams