McNulty- based on a character from our favorite TV show, The Wire.

McNulty is 4 years old.


We’ve had McNulty for almost 4 years.


My wife was heartbroken after a bad experience attempting to adopt a rescue dog, so I surprised her with McNulty as a Christmas present (although he wasn’t a rescue like she wanted, she instantly fell in love).


McNulty is very cuddly. He loves to sniff. He can be very huffy when he’s hungry and can be a bit of a diva.

Nicknames: Nub Nub, Noodle, Puppo Gigio


Favorite Toy: His beloved Hedgehog

Favorite Treats: Carrots, watermelon and Buffalo Barkery Cake


Likes: adventures, car rides, visits with his grandparents, saying hello to strangers

Dislikes: rain, baths and not getting attention


Favorite Activity to do with his Parents: Playing chase or going on an adventure walk


Favorite Sleep Spot: By the window where he can keep a watch of what’s going on outside.


McNulty loves to explore Buffalo, particularly visiting dog-friendly patios where he can meet new friends and get lots of attention.

Drew Williams