Zoar! Zoar’s a little rescue pitty that came from a sad situation. He was adopted by us from the City of Buffalo Animal Shelter in February. My boyfriend has a weird obsession with the names “Zues” and “Thor” and I couldn’t bring myself to name our scarred up little pitty that. So.... we were playing around with words and settled on Zoar.... a cool place to hike and a combination of those two names.


Zoar is 1.5 years old.

We have had Zoar for 8 months.




Zoar sleeps a lot!! We have to pick up his bed on one side and roll him out of it. He gets more energy at night when I’m ready for bed!


He’s also overly friendly. He will give you licky kisses to death.

Nicknames: Pupachino, Puppers, Toadie


Favorite Toy: We have this small stuffed pink octopus we have to keep re-buying for him. I think that’s probably his favorite.

Favorite Treat: Homemade frosty paw!


Likes: ice cream, pumpkin, raw veggies, playing with his best friend Caz (90lb rott mix), daycare, snuggles with Mom and Dad

Dislikes: waking up in the morning, sleeping in his own bed


Favorite Activity to do with his Parents: Snuggle or hike with Caz

Favorite Sleep Spot: In our human bed.....on our heads!!


Zoar loves Buffalo Barkey! He also loves everything the Barkery does for his former shelter. They help take care of his friends still looking for their forever homes.

Drew Williams