Tiffany Aquino: Dog Trainer


Tell us a little bit about yourself.

My name is Tiffany and I have been working with animals for about 8 years now. I currently reside in Cheektowaga with my boyfriend, dog and three cats.  


How did you get into dog training?

I always knew I wanted to work with animals so I applied to a dog daycare and eventually figured out training was the route I wanted to take so I started shadowing the trainer working at the facility.

How long have you been a dog trainer and how long have you worked with Camp Bow Wow?

I have been training for 5 years now, working at Camp Bow Wow for three.

What training classes do you teach?

Currently I teach a Puppy Socialization class, Level One Basic Obedience, Level Two Advanced Obedience, Level Three Canine Good Citizen Prep and I also teach Tricks classes. I'd eventually love to get into agility.


What is your favorite class to teach? Why?

It is hard to choose, but if I had to I'd say the Tricks class because I love seeing the dogs learn something fun but the best part is watching the owners' reactions to their dogs doing something cool and different! 

What is the hardest part about being a dog trainer?

The hardest part is saying goodbye once a dog and pet parent has finished a session. I create strong connections with my dogs and clients so though it is exciting to watch them learn and move on, it is tough because I may not see them again soon.

Do you have any tips or pointers for people who are having trouble training their dog? Where should people start with the training process?

Yes, be patient... and be consistent. A lot of times people unintentionally can come across very confusing to their pet. People should start by contacting a trainer in their area and doing research on the breed they have to better understand the needs.


What classes do you have coming up and how can someone register for them?

I rotate my classes. I will be starting a Level One, Level Two and a Tricks class. Contact Camp Bow Wow West Seneca to get more information at 716.677.9247 or me directly by email at

Do you have any pets of your own? Names, Ages

Yes I do! I have one dog he is a Shepherd/Lab mix. He is almost 4 and his name is Murphy. I also have three cats Gemini 14 , Owie 15 and Cleo 4. 


What do you do for fun?

I enjoy teaching my dog new tricks, going hiking, game nights with friends and traveling! 

Anything else you would like to add?

Training is not only a great bonding experience, it gets your dog's mind working and them out of the house for something other than a day-to-day walk! 



Band: my guilty pleasure is Taylor Swift.

Movie or TV Show: Hocus Pocus / The Office 

Bar/Restaurant:  Chef's 

Place to go unwind: Anywhere outdoors

Animal: Dogs! Obviously lol!! 

Food: Tacos

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